Zubair was brought to Bengaluru to retrieve electronic equipment


According to his attorneys, the Delhi High Court has consented to hear Mohammed Zubair’s appeal against his police remand on the allegation of hurting religious emotions as a result of a complaint about a tweet from 2018 on Friday. Zubair’s attorney, advocate Vrinda Grover, filed it before Justice Sanjeev Narula, who is scheduled to hear the application.

After an anonymous Twitter user tagged Delhi Police and claimed that Zubair’s message offended a Hindu god, Zubair was arrested on Monday and booked under provisions related to fostering animosity and outraging religious sentiments. A court later sentenced Zubair to four days in police prison.

In the meantime, on Thursday, a four-person Delhi Police team flew Zubair to Bengaluru to retrieve his electronic equipment as part of the investigation. Even though his phone was taken by police following the arrest, they claimed it had been formatted and didn’t contain any information about the case.

Bengaluru Police sources verified that the Delhi Police’s cyber crime section visited Zubair’s home in the DJ Halli police limits at 11 am and stayed there for more than two hours. A family member claimed to The Indian Express that the Delhi team did not speak to or interrogate them after the search. Zubair was afterwards taken by police to the DJ Halli police station, where the formalities were completed. They gathered a bag containing electrical equipment and left at 5.30 p.m., according to sources.

The equipment, including his laptop and hard drive, will be sent to the FSL, a police official declared. We can ask him further questions after we’ve looked through the gadgets.

According to the police, they are searching his gadgets for previous phone data. Zubair provided a complaint copy of his missing phone (which he used to tweet from in 2018), but an officer speculated that he may have made a backup on his laptop or hard drive.

In order to look into the situation, police had earlier informed the court that they needed access to his laptop. Lawyers for Zubair claimed that the reason police wanted to look into his laptop was because he had been “challenging numerous things that are happening.”

Zubair tweeted (in 2018) “from a phone which was seized from him in 2021, for which he’s supplied a police complaint document,” wrote Pratik Sinha, co-founder of AltNews, in a tweet. However, Delhi police travelled all the way to Bangalore to retrieve his laptop, a piece of equipment unrelated to the tweet.