Zelensky applauds EU for providing Ukraine candidate status



President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky applauded the European Union’s (EU) decision to grant his country candidate status for membership in the 27-member bloc, calling it a “historic moment” in bilateral relations. KIEV

During a two-day session in Brussels on Thursday, the European Council recognised Moldova and Ukraine as candidates for membership in the union. Zelensky formally asked for Ukraine to be admitted to the EU through a new special procedure on February 24, which was four days after Russia started its invasion of Kiev.

Zelensky said on social media on Thursday night that the choice was one of the most important ones for Ukraine in the 30 years of its independence. But Ukraine is not the only country impacted by this decision. At this precise moment, when the Russian War puts our ability to defend freedom and unity to the test, this is the most important move toward rebuilding Europe that could be made.

“We are appreciative of the meeting of European leaders. Thank you to all of our heroes who use their weapons to defend the independence of Ukraine and the freedom of Europe. We appreciate you allowing Europe to have a new, stronger, and more emancipated history. In a tweet, Zelensky praised Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, and Charles Michel, president of the European Council, stating that it was “a unique and historical moment” in relations between Ukraine and the European Union.