Young person in Delhi arrested for killing a builder and an arms dealer



A 24-year-old man was detained by Delhi police on suspicion of murdering a builder or property dealer who allegedly failed to deliver a shipment of guns to him. Rohit Meena, DCP-Crime, stated, “On July 2 at 2:45 pm, an unidentified youngster opened fire and shot and murdered Amit Goel, a well-known builder from the Paschim Vihar neighbourhood. He was about to get into his car. The attacker then took off running from the area.”

Two events involving guns were previously connected to Amit Goel, who is now deceased. A member of the accused, Begampur resident Deepanshu Sharma alias Deepak, is the Kaala Sahuwasia Gang. Additionally, according to the police, he was a close friend of the notorious mobster Bhupender alias Monu Dariapur alias Tampu, who was murdered on Sunday by rival thug Sonu Dariapur.

The abandoned automobile used in the crime was later discovered by the police. A squad was then assembled in order to find the suspect. The responses alluded to One Deepanshu’s involvement. After thorough technological investigation and a thorough examination of the CCTV material, the lead was later turned into actionable information, and the car being used by Deepanshu was identified.

Deepanshu’s location was established as Rohtak, Haryana, on Saturday. Goel had already been involved in two cases involving weapons. He was a professional shooter who, according to the authorities, brought in high-tech automatic weapons under the guise of being used for sport while abusing import restrictions meant for Indian shooters.