With these simple exercises, you may improve your neck and back posture


While working, studying, texting, or watching TV, many of us are guilty of hunching our backs. However, having poor posture over time can lead to neck, shoulder, and back problems.

Because of this, doctors advise sitting straight, changing certain bad habits, and performing a few easy exercises that might really benefit you.

Nidhi S, a nutritionist, explains the dangers of poor posture in the video below.

“A terrible posture while sitting is a really bad warning for your back, neck, and shoulders. This includes viewing movies, reading books, and using laptops or phones. Short-term pain and discomfort can result from poor posture. Your spine may eventually distort as a result, she warned.

She presented four helpful exercises.

Pose of prayer

How do you do it?

*Stand with your legs fully extended.

*Assume the pose of prayer by crossing your arms in front of your chest and folding your palms.

*Stabilize your elbows so they are parallel to your rib cage and relax your shoulders.

*For added comfort, you can also lean on a chair or your bed.

*Close your eyes and exhale deeply many times.

extended shoulders

How do you do it?

Place your feet hip-width apart as you stand.

Take your hands and interlace them behind your hips.

*As far as you can, extend your arms such that your hands are raised above your butt. Put your shoulder blades together and squeeze.

*Change your grip such that your fingers are interlocked the other way.

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Back elongation

How to proceed

Place your feet hip-width apart as you stand.

*Holding a towel in your hands, raise your hands as though performing a pull-up.

*Be careful to elevate your hands to shoulder height.

Snake pose

How do you do it?

*Lie on your stomach flat on the ground. Your legs should remain neutral as you push with your upper body.

*Place your palms on the ground and extend your elbows.

*Roll your shoulders back while maintaining a low rib position.

* Maintain a neutral neck. Hold for a short while.

“Begin working on bettering your posture with a few easy-yet-very-efficient exercises like shoulder extension, prayer position, back extension, and cobra pose. Use accessories like a chair or a towel to make things even more powerful, she said.

How many of these exercises should you perform?

*Be careful to do these exercises every day (two to three sets of 30 seconds each), and make an effort to sit up straight while doing them. Your posture will gradually improve as a result, and your back, neck, and shoulders will be less painful, she continued.