With these helpful hints, you can avoid constipation and bloating when travelling


While travelling is a wonderful way to relax and revitalise, it can be a nightmare for those who suffer from nausea and constipation when they travel. Constipation is a typical problem for many travellers due to changes in food, water, and sleep schedules, among other things.

But don’t let this derail your trip plans; if you’re feeling bloated, constipated, or uncomfortable in your tummy while travelling, take these simple advice from Ayurvedic expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar.

Keep yourself hydrated.

“You don’t have to drink a lot of water,” she explained, “just enough.” She recommended consuming at least five glasses of water when visiting a chilly location and seven to eight glasses of water when visiting a hot location.

Continue to move.

Constipation and bloating can be avoided by maintaining a healthy level of physical activity. “Practice Sukshma Vyayama/Yoga and Pranayamas for at least 30 minutes every morning.” “Walk for 5000 steps every day if possible,” the specialist said.

Warm water to drink

Sip one glass of warm water first thing in the morning or before bedtime to help you move your bowels easily. “Instead of bread or anything deep-fried, start your day with green tea.”

Make better dietary choices.

When travelling, it’s all too easy to gorge on unhealthy, fried foods. However, “have laxative foods like banana, papaya, and local fruits available at the place” to keep oneself healthy.

*Start your day with a small breakfast and avoid maida.

Lunch should be moderate/heavy, and buttermilk should be included if possible.

Dinner should be light and early. Dinner should consist of rice-based dishes or various soups, according to Dr. Bhavsar.

Take digestive tablets with you.

“The greatest Ayurvedic digestives are Pudina Vati, Amla Candy, Hajmola, and Hing Vati,” she advised, recommending sucking on them whenever you feel bloated or heavy.

Ghee from cows should be carried.

In the morning or at night, mix one teaspoon of ghee with one cup of warm water.

Herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine

Carry Triphala churna or pills for mild constipation and haritaki/harde tablet or churna for severe constipation if the above-mentioned tip does not provide relief.