Wife seized property while husband was in Saudi Arabia using a false death certificate



Lucknow: A horrifying case from the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh’s Mughalpur police station has come to light. The wife, who had been residing in Saudi Arabia for 45 years, created a phoney death certificate for her husband, declared him dead, and then took the property with the help of her son. In order to be listed as “living” on paper, the victim travelled to Moradabad and begged the DM for justice.

Additionally, Mohammad Salim has petitioned Moradabad DM Shailendra Kumar Singh to establish his existence. He claims that his son and wife stole all of his possessions by forging bogus death certificates, and they later sold them. Salim, the victim, has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for the past 45 years. He also had his second marriage there. His second wife gave birth to three daughters for him. He learned about the deception at the same time that this death certificate reached him in Saudi Arabia. He visited Moradabad and made an effort to speak with the family. None of the family members, though, agreed to speak with him. He urged Moradabad DM to take strong action against the family members and requested that he declare his own survival.

Shailendra Kumar Singh, the district magistrate of Moradabad, reported that Mohammad Salim of Mughalpura had filed a petition on Friday. His false death certificate was created by his wife and their kids. We are looking into it. Those found guilty will face legal repercussions.