Why white pumpkin is “very healthy and soothing” is explained here (plus, a special halva recipe inside)


According to cuisine expert Rekha Diwekar on Instagram, white pumpkin, also known as “kohla” in Marathi, is frequently used in South India to make avial (a type of vegetable), sambar, kadhi, halva, and other dishes.

She went on to reveal a particular halva recipe that is a terrific way to beat the summer heat, describing this common vegetable as “very nutritious and soothing.”

She posted a recipe for halva on Instagram, noting that it was simple to prepare and could be kept in the refrigerator for around 15 days.

Here’s how you can succeed:


nutmeg and white pumpkin, sugar, elaichi (as per your choice).


Consider a white pumpkin.
Take the skin off.
Don’t throw water; grate it.
5 cups of grated pumpkin should be combined with 1 bowl of sugar. Heat until nearly dry (not completely dry).
Add the nutmeg or elaichi powder.
If desired, include dried fruits.
No khava, she advised, add milk to keep it fresh for a longer period of time. She continued, “You can eat simply like that or with roti.”

the advantages of white pumpkin

There are numerous health advantages of white pumpkin. Since halva is cooling and has a high water content (94%) during the summer, eating one before going outside will help you avoid being impacted by intense heat. It is an excellent source of calcium and potassium as well as a few B vitamins, according to Diwekar.

Nutritionist Dr. Rachna Agarwal concurred, saying, “It is rich in fibre and so is good in treating constipation. Vitamin A is also abundant in it.