Why it is necessary to drink karela juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach


Not everyone enjoys karela, or bitter gourd. Its abundance of advantages, however, cannot be disregarded.

Ruchika Jain, chief dietician at Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, elaborated on the several other health advantages of this vegetable, saying, “Karela, although harsh in taste, is a fantastic food. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It also aids in weight loss and is rich in fibre and vitamin A. It has been utilised for therapeutic purposes in India and many other nations because of this.

Fresh karela juice is just as nutrient-dense as the cooked variety, according to nutritionist Dr. Rachna Agarwal, who also noted several advantages.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is abundant in karela juice and helps to support immunity, cognitive health, and tissue healing.

Controls blood sugar levels: It has elements that can reduce glucose levels in the body.

It contains beneficial hypoglycemic effects that aid in blood sugar level regulation, according to Jain.

Rich in fibre and vitamin A: Due to its high fibre content and low calorie count, experts suggested that it also helps with weight loss. It keeps us satisfied for a longer period of time and prevents unwelcome hunger. It is excellent for the health of the eyes and skin because it is high in vitamin A. It also improves gut health, lowers cholesterol, and removes toxins from the blood, according to Dr. Agarwal.

Blood purification: “According to Ayurveda, fresh karela juice can even stop pancreatic cancer in addition to cleaning the liver. Additionally, diabetics benefit from it, Dr. Agarwal stated.

What time of day is ideal for drinking karela juice?

“Ideally, it should be consumed before meals. The ideal time, though, is just before breakfast on an empty stomach, according to Jain, who cautioned against consuming more than 30ml because “overconsumption can irritate one’s stomach.”

Dr. Agarwal agreed and said, “Strain the juice after pulverising one karela per person with a little water. Throw away seeds that are particularly tough. The desi form of karela is the medium or small variety, which has superior nutritional value and flavour.

Jain quickly clarified, however, that women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid the juice. Because the juice has hypoglycemic qualities that could significantly lower a diabetic patient’s blood sugar levels, diabetic patients should exercise caution while eating it with their prescriptions.

How can it be made tasty?

Jaggery can be added to karela juice to offset its bitter flavour. Jain suggested mixing it with apple juice and lemon juice as well.