Why does Twitter consider “fake news” to be free speech?



Twitter has been criticised by Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnav. Social media, according to the Union Minister, is a highly potent weapon that profoundly affects our lives. He claimed that the question of how to improve social media accountability has emerged as a valid concern in many regions of the world. He claimed that because society and the nation are headed in this direction, creating social media profiles is essential.

But now the issue is: how will it be accomplished? Regarding this, Ashwini Vaishnav has stated that self-regulation is crucial, as they should eliminate any content that adversely affects society on their own. He continued by discussing government and then industrial regulation. According to him, social media should be held accountable since a global ecosystem or way of thinking is emerging, and since journalists work so hard to produce content, you should also be able to take advantage of it.

He said that if Facebook is making money off of it, then you should also receive a portion of it. Additionally, he discussed involving everyone as a collaborator in the process. Please inform us that Twitter has chosen to sue the Modi government and is not filtering out offensive content. According to the corporation, certain officials are abusing the regulations, thus they need to be legally evaluated. The IT Ministry has also warned Twitter that failure to comply could result in a criminal action being brought against it.

Twitter was urged to take action against pro-Khalistani accounts by the Center. False information was circulated during the “farmers’ movement” to stoke the rumour mill, and as a result, these contents were also requested to be taken down. At the same time, directives to take action against accounts disseminating false and divisive content regarding Corona were issued. However, Twitter did not take any action against them since it supported their “freedom of expression” and stood up to the authorities.

A embargo on the removal of provocative and controversial content was imposed on Twitter until July 4. Twitter has also taken action against numerous handles, although it is now up for review. Twitter has contested the government’s orders at the Karnataka High Court as well. In terms of adhering to the new IT regulations, the social media corporation has also been quite evasive. Let us know that Twitter has portrayed Ladakh as being a part of China, referred to B.1.617 as the Indian version of Corona, and taken action on numerous right handles rather than numerous fake news handles.