Why does ED ask Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald case, “What is the secret of your energy?”



Rahul Gandhi, who has been detained by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for several days in connection with a money laundering investigation involving the National Herald case, has now responded to their questions. Rahul Gandhi explained to the party members that the ED officers were perplexed to find him (Rahul) responding to all inquiries calmly and enquired as to the source of his energy. Rahul did not, however, disclose to the Congress personnel the inquiries made of him on the National Herald affair.

The Congress Lok Sabha Member claimed that the ED officers were astounded at his stamina. What is the source of his energy, he questioned? On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi said that the ED officers had questioned how I could sit for so long. He said that he practises Vipassana. After hearing this, according to Rahul Gandhi, the ED officers began questioning him about Vipassana. Rahul told the party members that he has responded to all of the investigators’ inquiries. Rahul did not, however, state what the queries were in this instance.

He claimed that there were three or four more policemen in the little room at the ED headquarters with him. They were joined by members of the Congress, who are fearlessly opposing the Modi administration. At AICC, the meeting was planned. According to Rahul, the army needs to be bolstered in light of China’s entrance, but the government is really diminishing it. War will eventually have its day in the sun.

Rahul, his party members mocked the BJP, claiming that they were calling themselves patriots. He claimed that, similar to agricultural legislation, the government would have to scrap the Agneepath programme. He claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has destroyed the nation’s foundation. The nation won’t be able to support work anymore. The phrase “One Rank, One Pension” has been replaced with “No Rank, No Pension.” PM Modi has given two or three industrialists control of the nation.