Why do we commemorate International Widow Day?



Everybody has their own aspirations for love-filled marriages and post-wedding lives. However, not everyone’s wishes come true; for many people, it is possible to observe that their spouse passes away from this world after a certain amount of time of marriage owing to a disease or another factor. When a woman’s husband passes away in such a scenario, his hands experience sadness and anguish. Before getting married, a woman’s visions for her future life begin to crumble one by one. Not only this, but our culture still does not perceive our legislators fairly in today’s world. In such a case, it is the duty of our society to ensure that widows receive the same treatment as everyone else. In light of this circumstance, international widows’ day is observed annually on June 23 to honour these women.

To give a special respect to the status of scholars of all ages, regions, and cultures, the United Nations General Assembly actually designated international widows’ day for the first time on June 23, 2011, and ever then, the day is observed on June 23. Let us mention here that the British Lumba Foundation has been fighting injustices committed against widowed women around the world for the past seven years in the United Nations.

The goal is as follows: The goal of International Widows Day celebrations is to better the situation of widowed women worldwide so that they can have the same rights to equality and a normal existence as everyone else. This is because, despite our advancements, the widow still does not have equality.

Atrocities committed against widows: Throughout the world, millions of widows experience prejudice in the legal system and society as well as poverty, violence, marginalisation, homelessness, and illness. An estimated 81 million women additionally experience physical abuse, while an estimated 115 million widows are compelled to live in poverty.