Why did Kuwait send back Indian Muslims?



New Delhi, India: The uproar over suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s alleged anti-Muslim statements has spread to other countries, including India. In Kuwait, there was a protest against the remark about the Prophet. On which the administration has taken a firm stance. Some Indian Muslims in Kuwait’s Fahil district chanted slogans against Nupur Sharma’s statement, prompting the Kuwaiti government to order her detention.

The demonstrators will be deported from Kuwait, according to sources. They did so because they disobeyed the law of the land. Migrants are not permitted to engage in or organise a strike or demonstration in Kuwait, according to Kuwaiti law. Following the release of a video of the incident, Kuwaiti government officers are completing the process of arresting the migrants. The deportation centre in Qatar is aiming to deport all migrants. All migrants will be barred from returning to Kuwait.

According to the administration, all migrants in Kuwait must follow Kuwaiti laws and refrain from participating in any type of rally. BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma is accused of making inappropriate remarks about Prophet Mohammad during a TV debate, prompting a backlash from certain Islamic countries. Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry summoned Indian Ambassador Sibi George and delivered a formal protest letter to him. Kuwait, on the other hand, hailed the BJP for suspending Nupur Sharma from the party’s primary membership.