Who said that Nupur Sharma was a hero and that the Udaipur event was exclusively the fault of extreme Muslims?



After the comments made by supreme court judge Surya Kant, Netherlands MP Geert Wilders has once more defended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who has been suspended. He defended Nupur Sharma, claiming that she was innocent of all charges and that she had no right to demand an apology for speaking the truth about the Prophet Muhammad. At the same time, Nupur Sharma was declared “responsible” by two Indian Supreme Court judges for the savage killing of Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur.

On Friday (July 1, 2022), the Dutch lawmaker tweeted that “In my opinion, India lacks sharia courts. She never needs to apologise for saying what she really thinks about #Muhammad. Udaipur is not her responsibility. Nobody else but radical, intolerant Muslims who support jihad is to blame. Nupur Sharma is an inspiration. When some supreme court judges reacted, Wilders tweeted in response, telling Nupur Sharma that his statement had ignited the nation. The Supreme Court also declared Nupur Sharma accountable for the fundamentalists’ use of violence at the same time.

The Dutch MP had stated in another tweet, “In India, Hindus should feel secure. They reside in this nation. They call it home. Theirs is India. India is not a Muslim nation. Wilders had backed Nupur Sharma at the beginning of June, claiming that terrorists and criminals use street violence to demonstrate their religious prejudice and hatred.