While Indians struggle, the PM is working on the next diversion: Gandhi, Rahul


Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, claiming that the PM’s “mastery” of “entire distraction science” cannot hide catastrophes like an all-time high unemployment rate, a wholesale price index that is 30 years high, and a $17 billion devaluation of LIC.

According to Gandhi, Modi is busy organising his next diversion while Indians struggle.

Even the PM’s mastery of “Entire Distraction Science” cannot conceal these catastrophes. “Largest ever bank fraud by DHFL, $17 billion LIC value lost, WPI Inflation at 30 year high, Unemployment at all-time high,” the former Congress chief wrote in a tweet.

Gandhi has criticised the Modi administration’s management of the economy and has urged the federal government to give young people work.