When she was little, Kangana Ranaut explains why her uncles used to refer to her as Indira Gandhi


Kangana Ranaut has disclosed that when she was a child, her uncles used to refer to her as Indira Gandhi. Kangana revealed childhood photos and claimed that her hairstyle reminded her of the former Indian prime minister. Kangana is depicted in the first image wearing a school uniform and having very short hair. The second image shows the actor up close when she was younger and had short hair.

“It’s uncanny growing up many of my relatives called me Indira Gandhi probably because of my hair style #emergency,” wrote Kangana alongside the photos she posted on Instagram Stories. “I didn’t follow anyone’s hairstyle as a kid. I went to the village barber on my own and guided him to do a hair cut and that I it liked short… This inspired many jokes in the family especially all uncles from army background called me Indira Gandhi… #emerg

With the next movie Emergency, Kangana will make her directorial debut. In the movie, she also portrays the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Mahima Chaudhry, Anupam Kher, Shreyas Talpade, and Vishak Nair all play significant parts in Emergency.

Kangana informed her followers in a different Instagram post that she had finished working on half of Emergency and was on her way to Mathura. On Monday morning, she posted a photo of herself on Instagram Stories wearing traditional clothing with the caption, “After completing over fifty percent of Emergency, on my way to Mathura. Banke Bihari temple. It’s all Krishna.” She also included a heart emoji.

In addition to Emergency, Kangana has a couple more projects in the works. Among them is the film Tejas by filmmaker Sarwesh Mewara, in which she plays an Indian Air Force pilot.