When Saud Alam declines to perform Vande Mataram in assembly, a commotion results



Patna: The leaders of the ruling party objected to the RJD MLA from Thakurganj, Saud Alam, not singing Vande Mataram in the Bihar Assembly on Thursday. They left the House after noticing the uproar. But the journalists confronted him outside the House. Why did you sit during Vande Mataram, when the media questioned you? He only stated that this is not a Hindu Rashtra, and that is all. After then, he was observed dodging media inquiries.

What’s the problem?

In reality, BJP MLA Sanjay Kumar Singh urged Saud Alam to stand up after noticing him seated in the House while Vande Mataram was playing. After then, Saud Alam still remained seated. Then the legislators from the ruling party started making a scene. When Saud Alam refused to stand up, BJP MLA Sanjay Kumar Singh began to yell and leave the building. He also declared that the behaviour of RJD MLA Saud Alam would not be accepted. Such individuals are not required to visit the House. He’ll be expelled from the nation. The Assembly’s Speaker needs to act decisively.

On the other hand, Saud Alam was backed by RJD MLA Akhtarul Islam Shaheen, who asserted that supporting Vande Mataram was optional. Only massive firearms can withstand the intellect. Nobody has the right to force us to stand during Vande Mataram.