When Ashram got popular, Esha Gupta released a video without wearing a bra



Esha Gupta’s performances in the recently released film “Aashram 3” earned the hearts of the audience. Yes, and Esha Gupta’s performance in this web series received a lot of positive feedback. You’ll be able to tell that this season has been successful just like every other season. Esha, however, is also coming out very openly these days since this season got popular. The actress actually posts stunning photos every day, and lately she posted a video that completely floored viewers.

Esha Gupta has actually recently ignited social media with her pranks. All that is visible is that the actress shared a highly alluring video on her Instagram account, and her followers are finding it hard to look away from it. In this video, Esha Gupta is actually dressed in white and strutting her quite glam appearances. Fans of Esha Gupta are enjoying this video of her a lot because she is wearing this dress without a bra.

Esha Gupta may not have been able to showcase her strong acting in films, but she has built a name for herself in the world of over-the-top content. You must have already seen the actress in three web series; these are “Reject” in 2020, “Naqab” in 2021, and “Ashram 3” in 2022. The actress’s performance in these three web series received a lot of praise at the same time.