When a fan pushed Tom Hanks’ wife, the actor became enraged



Tom Hanks, the star of the film Forrest Gump, is a huge celebrity. They are always sending out loving messages to their loved ones. However, something happened recently that prompted Tom to openly yell at people. This video of his is now becoming viral on social media. Do you see why Tom was so enraged?

Tom and his wife Rita are leaving a restaurant. When other fans saw them, they began chasing them down to snap selfies. Meanwhile, a fan pushed Tom’s wife, Kajo, unintentionally. When Tom noticed his wife stumbling, he became enraged. He became enraged and began shouting at the audience. When the crowd saw this, they came to a halt and did not dare to pursue Tom again.

Users agreed that Tom’s unhappiness was justified: “As soon as this video got viral, social media users began to react.” As one user put it, “His rage was justified. I would have slapped if I had been in their shoes. The other said, “‘Personalized and justified,’ Tom said. They were enraged and used words to deal with the situation. He maintained his calm demeanour. As a result, I hold them in higher regard. As one person put it, “It wasn’t going to be a smile, so well done. Simultaneously, the other wrote- “When compared to Will Smile, Mr. Hanks is a true gentleman. They shoved Tom’s wife, but Tom never slapped anyone. While some defended Tom’s rage, others said it was inappropriate.