What you must understand if you have flat feet


According to Dr. Punit Kumar Jain, Principal Consultant-Orthopedics, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, flat feet are a health ailment that, if neglected in childhood, can cause serious health issues in later life. When people with flat feet stand, the “pad of the foot presses or contacts the ground,” the expert who defined it as a condition “where the foot has little or no arches” said thus.

According to the expert, if flat feet are not properly treated, they can cause chronic issues including “arthritis, a bone spur (bone growth), corns, and callosities at the area of deformity, and chronic lower back pain,” adding that they can also make it difficult to perform some daily tasks.

Dr. Atul Mishra, Director & HOD, Department of Orthopaedics, Fortis Hospital, Noida said: “People with flat feet could have difficulty with quick walking, running, jogging, sporting activities, and mountaineering.


Although genetics is frequently to blame for flat feet, it is not the only factor. Other causes mentioned by experts include pregnancy, ageing, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and these conditions. Flat feet can also be brought on by “post-foot injury, tendon injury, or foot fracture,” according to Dr. Jain. “Some congenital issues, such cerebral palsy, can trigger this in children,” he said.

Even though someone with flat feet might not always experience pain, if the condition worsens, “the patient can complain of muscle pains, foot pain in the evening hours, difficulty walking far, and pain in the arch and ankle,” Dr. Jain continued, adding that some people can also complain of toe deformities in which the toes and the front of the foot point outward.


Dr. Mishra informed indianexpress.com that the best time to undergo treatment for a flat foot is before puberty because there are no natural therapies or preventative measures available. Early intervention promotes healthy bone and joint development in the foot and ankle, he continued.

Nevertheless, according to Dr. Jain, “if it is detected at a higher age and the conservative treatment is not working, then the patient may need surgical procedures to prevent the problems of flat foot.”

Dr. Jain provided a list of methods to stop flat feet from getting worse:

*The most popular treatment is for patients to wear corrective shoes with full arch support. One can purchase silicone insoles that are already produced or have a patient’s feet studied to create a custom silicon insole.

*The muscles of the foot must be strengthened. To achieve this, daily practise of specific foot workouts is required.