What Sonakshi said in response to the marriage announcement



The past few days have seen a lot of talk about the personal life of popular Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha. On social media, it was observed that marriage rumours about the actress were spreading. Actress Sonakshi has acknowledged it, nevertheless, on numerous occasions. Actress Sonakshi has now talked about her marriage once more.

Sonakshi commented, “I always try to talk about my work whenever I talk, but certainly, people become intrigued to listen. They are observed asking questions about my life and guessing about it. I won’t reveal any details about my personal life to anyone until I’m ready. Sonakshi has stated that I am like this and that you will see this quality on my social media pages as well. On social media, I never share anything besides what I want to share. In comparison to the public and the media, my parents don’t doubt my marriage as much.

Let’s also discuss about Sonakshi’s professional endeavours because she will soon make her OTT debut. The actress will take part in the drama series “Dahaad.”