What is ‘Green Dating,’ and how does it work? Which is becoming more prevalent in India



World Environment Day was recently observed on June 5th, and this year couples were seen increasing environmental awareness. Even those who enjoy online dating said they prefer to go for a walk in the park, participate in outdoor activities, or walk about their neighbourhood. Couples have also been known to give each other gifts that help to protect the environment, which has become known as green dating. The practise of ‘green dating’ is gaining traction in India these days. According to data from the women’s dating app Bumble, the badge of ‘environmentalism’ is one of the most popular seeds for profiles in India. More than a quarter of respondents (28%) who have recently added badges to their dating accounts chose ‘environmentalism.’ People prefer to spend time with their partners in an open-air, green setting. That is what Green Dating is all about.

Gifts are becoming more popular:- It is everyone’s responsibility to safeguard the environment, and if you explain how important it is to your partner, they will appreciate it. Due to dating, many couples now give their partners reusable coffee mugs, sustainable bags, or indoor plants, which not only promotes environmental awareness but also encourages them to follow that road.
Picnics are a terrific way to spend time outside:-
When was the last time you laid a sheet in a park and enjoyed a picnic with your friends? In an era when most people prefer to dine in cafes or restaurants, you and your partner can plan an outdoor garden picnic to impress them with your environmental consciousness.

Also enjoys romantic strolls and cycling:-
You may have observed that when people go somewhere these days, they prefer to cycle, which allows them to fully appreciate the lovely surroundings while remaining healthy. It can be incredibly boring to sit in a car and be caught in traffic. You can substitute a cycling date as an excursion in its stead. This not only alters your lifestyle, but also makes you more active than you were previously. It will make your partner thrilled to see it.

The following are some of the reasons why the environment is so important:
Couples nowadays desire to plant an increasing number of trees in their residences. On their birthdays, many people volunteer to plant trees and encourage their partners to do the same. You’ve probably seen that if your friends go to look at a flat, they always look for a place with trees and greenery around them, and if they don’t see that, they are hesitant to take this type of home.