What are the benefits and risks of consuming too much water while pregnant?


Almost all bodily processes depend on water, including the maintenance of general health and the hydration and proper operation of the organs. It’s also crucial to drink enough of water while pregnant.

Water provides oxygen and essential nutrients to the cells, tissues, and organs of a pregnant woman as well as the developing foetus, said nutritionist Pritika Bedi, founder of Healthsake. The baby must receive all prenatal vitamins through water.

Pregnant women need more water than normal people do in order to produce amniotic fluid, produce more blood, create new tissue, transport nutrients, improve digestion, and wash out wastes and toxins. But excessive water consumption has its drawbacks, she cautions.

Read on for Bedi’s list of advantages and disadvantages of drinking too much water.

Benefits of drinking water “Water keeps your body hydrated throughout pregnancy. If the body is dehydrated, cramps, headaches, nausea, and other symptoms may appear. Consume water as your baby develops. To prevent constipation, a common condition among pregnant women, make sure you drink water every day.

“Drinking water helps avoid water retention. Additionally, if you drink enough water during the third trimester, preterm labour and contractions can be avoided. It regulates the body’s temperature, lowers it, and relieves morning sickness, acid reflux, and heartburn,” the expert explains.

pregnant women drinking water, drinking too much water, how much water is safe to consume during pregnancy, health, expectant mothers, the Indian Express To prevent constipation, a common condition among pregnant women, make sure you drink water every day.

Cons of excessive water consumption
According to Bedi, consuming too much water might leave you feeling drained because “your kidneys may have to work even harder,” which causes a “stressful hormonal reaction that makes the body tired and worried.”

“Your electrolyte levels drop and your body’s balance is upset when you consume too much water. Low electrolyte levels can cause symptoms including cramping and stiff muscles. Women who drink a lot of water in a short length of time run the risk of being intoxicated by it. Confusion, tiredness, and headaches are some of the side effects,” she adds.