We all dream of living in Akshay Kumar’s sea-facing home with a large garden and green spaces


This year, Akshay Kumar turns 55. The multi-feature actor prefers to spend time at his seaside house with his family than going to late-night gatherings or film parties since he is a family man at heart. Thanks to Twinkle Khanna’s green thumb, the actor is the proud owner of a luxurious villa on the Juhu beach that features a sizable garden as well as numerous other green spaces around the home.

On the first floor, Akshay has a sizable closet where he gets ready for his engagements. The study of Twinkle is in the second chamber. She occasionally rearranges the paintings, antiquities, and memorabilia in her home to modify its appearance, and she even offers straightforward advice to her Instagram followers. The garden, where their two dogs and children play, is the greatest part of the house, and it’s where Twinkle likes to lie down to read or write. They have a little fish pond as well.