Watch the trailer for Mahaveeryar to see Nivin Pauly in the role of the godman


The Mahaveeryar trailer for Nivin Pauly’s fantasy drama is now available. According to the more than two-minute-long trailer, the Abrid Shine film appears to incorporate elements from various genres.

The trailer begins in a courtroom where it appears that a godman (played by Nivin Pauly) is attempting to prove his case by providing proof of God’s existence. Additionally, we get to witness images from a previous era of kings.

Producing the movie are PS Shamnas, Abrid Shine, and Nivin Pauly. Pauly had already mentioned the movie’s use of time travel themes.

Fans immediately shared their excitement in the comments section after Nivin Pauly published the trailer on Twitter. “Expectation at its peak,” one of them wrote. Nicee, another fan chimed in. As they noted in the comments area, some viewers detected the time travel theme in the teaser. “Asif Ali Nivin combo will be fantastic,” another admirer remarked. After a decade apart, Asif Ali and Nivin Pauly reunite in the movie. Sevens was where they last appeared together (2011).

On July 21, Mahaveeryar, which also stars Lal, Lalu Alex, and Siddique, will be released in theatres.