Virat Kohli praises Anushka Sharma for her commitment to Chakda ‘Xpress and is grateful that she refrained from soliciting advice from him. “I bowl the worst,”


After a hiatus of more than four years, actress Anushka Sharma is prepared to make her acting comeback. She will be portrayed by Jhulan Goswami, an Indian cricket player, in the sports drama Chakda ‘Xpress. Anushka is actively working on the movie and periodically posted updates on social media about her preparations. After witnessing her practise for the role, Anushka’s husband, cricketer Virat Kohli, said he was in awe of her commitment.

In an FTB On the Road episode, the interviewer made a joke about Virat playing cricket while he appears in advertisements. She is finding the process difficult, but she is rising to the challenges well and has done her preparation well, Virat chuckled. People don’t often understand how difficult it is to just learn to bowl for the first time in your life at this point.

Before he met Anushka and saw her on the set, Virat claimed that his opinion of the movie-making process was drastically different. “When I met her and I saw how much work it really is to put together a movie and inhabit that role… I said, “Boss, hats off, respect” when I witnessed the amount of labour that goes into making something happen behind the scenes. At that level, acting requires a sincere commitment on your part. I find it difficult to picture me filming for 18 or 20 hours. Retake pe retake kar rahe hai, the weather is bad, and the lighting is poor… It’s incredibly motivating.

Virat also made fun of the fact that Anushka didn’t take any bowling lessons from him for the part because of his unusual bowling motion. I believe I am the worst bowler in the sport’s history.

Virat mentioned reevaluating his objectives now that he has a family in the episode. Vamika is the infant daughter of Anushka and Virat, who have made enormous attempts to keep her private from the world.

Prosit Roy, who previously collaborated with Anushka on the horror movie Pari and the crime drama Paatal Lok, is the director of Chakda ‘Xpress. The movie will be made available on Netflix.