Utilization of the CoWin App for Blood Donation is Soon




The COVID-19 vaccination platform Co-WIN will be repurposed as a platform for universal immunisation, blood donation, and later, it will be used for organ donation, according to Dr. RS Sharma, CEO of CoWIN and the National Health Authority in New Delhi.

“Currently, CoWin is being transformed into a platform for mass vaccination, blood donation, and possibly organ donation in the future. I believe we will make progress toward these objectives, but you must recognise that technology is but a tool and that other systems—such as the legal system, the ecosystem, and others—are ultimately more important. It must operate in those systems “Sharma remarked.

Sharma, a member of the EGVAC and Chairman of the Empowered Group of Vaccine Administration (EGVAC), discussed how other countries wanted to adopt the CoWin app. “The prior year saw the global CoWin conference on digital technology. At least 140 nations were represented there, and after the conclave, several of them began talking to us about it.”

“It can be difficult and takes time for the ecosystem partners to adopt the DPIs. But I think the delay is also caused by other factors, such as the development of new systems and software. Adoption is often challenging, therefore it may be one of the explanations. Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission or the digital health mission, for example “CEO of NHA added.