Using the phrase “Do you know what Islam is?” a man openly threatens to kill this well-known actress



Urfi Javed, a well-known TV actress, has made headlines not just for her daring style but also for her tacit messages. Even though she receives abuse for it, Urfi Javed, who has good intentions, does not hold back from voicing her opinions.

The same Urfi had harshly denounced Kanhaiyalal’s murder in Udaipur. Urfi claimed in an Instagram post that Allah has never approved of such brutality committed in the name of religion. Urfi reported that she began receiving obnoxious and threatening comments on the Instagram story. Additionally, Urfi Javed provided a screenshot of a user’s Instagram story message. Urfi will take legal action against this individual. In the message, Urfi stated that she would report the individual to the Mumbai Police.

The man called Urfi a bitch in his harsh messages to him. “Shut your mouth, witch, do you know what Islam is,” the author wrote. Anyone can be offended by our prophet’s glory, so how can we abandon him? Urfi became enraged after reading these user’s messages. The Mumbai Police was then tagged by Urfi with the message, “Against this guy, I am going to complain to the police. In the name of their religion, this guy is threatening to kill. All fanatics will learn a lesson from this. Enjoy your time in jail, Sajid. It will be interesting to watch how many people learn their lesson after Urfi’s severe action.