Use these easy strategies to prevent bloating


Some meals, such pizza, pasta, tandoori chicken, and malai kofta, can be difficult to avoid. And after such a big, wonderful lunch, bloating and flatulence follow. It must be understood, though, that temptation is not necessarily what leads people to overeat.

According to dietician Shivani Kandwal, founder of Nutrivibes, there can be numerous other factors that may lead one to overeat, such as distraction and thirst.

Distractions during dining

According to her, using a phone or watching TV while dining causes us to eat more because “we eat quickly without paying enough attention to what we are eating.”


According to the expert, one of the main causes of overeating is stress. She said, “The body generates a hormone when stressed out to encourage hunger to handle the energy loss.

eating quickly

Because it takes the brain some time to register that the stomach is full and signal the body to stop eating, she said, those who eat quickly tend to overeat.

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According to a study, you could mistake thirst for hunger, therefore she advised drinking water whenever you feel hungry. If you still feel hungry, you could then have a little meal.

The nutritionist also advised drinking a warm glass of water with ginger and lemon after meals to relieve bloating or eating a teaspoon of fennel seeds. Additionally, she suggested taking one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar before meals or drinking herbal tea afterward.

In addition to the advice above, you can try some straightforward yet efficient methods for bloating relief that dietitian Anshu Dua published on her Instagram.

*Avoid skipping breakfast: After a filling dinner, skipping breakfast may seem like a smart option. A light meal that is high in fibre, according to the expert, helps your body get back into its pattern.

*Keep moving and go for a stroll: A 15-minute brisk walk helps relieve stomach pressure and rev up your digestive system.

Consume foods high in potassium since it helps the body eliminate extra fluids. Great choices include foods like bananas, coconut water, cucumber, watermelon, spinach, and sweet potatoes.

*Hydrate yourself: “The sensation of bloating after overeating typically results from the fluids your body is retaining as a result of all the sodium-rich meals you may have consumed. Your body will release the extra fluids and help flush out some of the salt if you drink enough water, which will help you feel less bloated. Drink as much water as you feel comfortable drinking during the day, she advised.

She did, however, caution that not all bloating is caused by fluid retention. *Sip some hot tea. “Gas in the digestive tract can be brought on by overeating or consuming items that aggravate the intestinal tract. Drinking hot tea might calm your stomach and help you get rid of some of the gas that may be making you feel uncomfortable. If you prefer something gentler, use dandelion or mint tea. However, be careful not to add any sugar to the tea, as this can increase water retention in your cells.