Use these “desi nuskhe” to stop hair loss during the monsoon


A nice break from the oppressive summer heat is provided by the rain. However, the increased moisture in the air weakens our hair, making it far more likely that it will fall out. Ayurvedic specialist Dr. Nitika Kohli echoed the general attitude on Instagram by saying, “Perhaps the one thing we dread about this season is hair fall in monsoon.” It is therefore essential to give your hair more attention this season.

“Taking care of your hair becomes considerably more challenging during the rainy season,” she remarked. However, if you take a little additional care, you may fully appreciate this season without worrying about your hair.

But are you sick of spending money on hair care items that, despite regular use, produce no results? Follow these straightforward “desi nuskhe” to survive the monsoon’s storms and downpours!

These home-made Ayurvedic treatments for monsoon hair loss are recommended by Dr. Kohli.

mask made of hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers and leaves should be ground into a fine paste.

*To achieve a smooth consistency, thoroughly combine the paste with the curd.

*Apply the concoction to your scalp and hair, then wait an hour before washing it off.

*Use warm water to shampoo your hair.

*At least once a week, use the mask.

Garlic juice

*To get the onion’s juice, put it in a blender.

Apply the onion juice on your scalp using the cotton swab.

Before washing your hair with water, leave it on for 30 to 50 minutes.

*Apply this cure twice every week.