UP: Bulldozer Panic! People began evacuating ‘encroachment’ on their own initiative



Prayagraj: The Uttar Pradesh administration is responding to the June 10 violence. Everyone is now afraid that a bulldozer may appear in Prayagraj once more. The house of Javed, the major accused of violence, collapsed in four hours yesterday (Sunday), and now it is said that the rest would follow suit. Let us tell you that, following the bulldozers in Prayagraj, those people have become fearful and are fleeing the houses and shops that have been built illegally for many years. In fact, shops built on the site of Majidi Inter College in the Atala neighbourhood of Prayagraj, where violence occurred on Friday, are being deserted for fear of bulldozers.

People are fleeing the shops from which they were feeding their families today. The shops are being deserted, despite the fact that no one is saying anything. Let us inform you that the residences of 68 people arrested by the police have been identified. Yes, and now this information has been gathered on who has illegally built residences. According to reports, teams from the Prayagraj Development Authority and the Revenue Department have been dispatched to investigate each of their homes. Furthermore, the Biryani and Lassi business in the Atala neighbourhood has been located, and bulldozers can be used there as well. Let us inform you that at Atala, the primary accused of the disturbance, Mohammad Javed nicknamed Javed Pump, had his property worth five crores destroyed and demolished.

Where did so many stones come from in Atala – you may recall that in the violence that erupted after Friday prayers in Atala, so many stones were thrown that it was difficult to keep track of them. Yes, and where did these stones come from was the inquiry. Yes, three to four houses are reported to be under construction in the Atala neighbourhood, and bricks were found there. Miscreants who pelted stones used this to their advantage. However, the question remains unanswered. Do you know that miscreants poured out of various streets in Prayagraj’s Atala Road, Nurullah Road, and Shaukat Ali Marg, pelting stones at police officers? At the same time, whether it was a police officer, a regular citizen, or a journalist, everyone was injured as a result of the stone pelting. In addition, four-wheelers parked on Atala Road and nearby streets were stoned.