Unicommerce will increase its workforce by 50% and add 800 warehouses



In response to the surge in e-commerce in India, Unicommerce plans to expand its network by 800 warehouses this fiscal year, the Saas technology platform announced on Monday. While the company is currently managing over 96 million stock-keeping units (SKUs) in a variety of industries, including FMCG, beauty and wellness, fashion and accessories, and eyewear, and providing warehousing management solutions to over 7,200 warehouses, it is also planning to develop a number of new categories and business models.

According to the firm, the supply chain platform processes over 20% of India’s e-commerce volumes, with over 1 million daily transactions and a run rate of over 45 billion GMV annually. In order to support its expansion objectives, it has also recently announced plans to raise its personnel by 50%.

According to a statement from the firm, “over 8,000 warehouses will be employing Unicommerce’s warehouse management platform by March 2023, while more than 7,200 warehouses are now active on it.”

According to the statement, businesses have used Unicommerce’s warehouse management solutions to manage and automate all warehouse operations, including the picking, packaging, and delivery of items as well as the acquisition of commodities for storage. In the past two years, numerous new categories and business models have appeared as e-commerce has grown in popularity across the nation. According to the press release, Unicommerce has become a dominating player in the market thanks to its capacity to assist D2C firms in expanding their operations to several warehouses.

The platform is intended to allow smooth integration of several warehouses, enabling automatic order allocation to the warehouse closest to customers, and enable management of return orders at the warehouse, according to the business.

The CEO of Unicommerce, Kapil Makhija, said: “A platform like ours is playing a critical role in revolutionising supply chain technology as industry models change and businesses diversify into new markets. Our expansion is fueled by our existing clients using our solutions for their new warehouses scattered around the nation, in addition to major new client acquisitions.”