Udaipur: The entire family is in fear as Nitin Jain is now being spied on, much like Kanhaiya



Jaipur: On June 28, 2022, a Hindu tailor named Kanhaiyalal Sahu was brutally murdered in Udaipur. Now it is known that in addition to Kanhaiyalal, two other Udaipur residents were Islamist targets. The article supporting Nupur Sharma is also cited as the cause of this. Nitin Jain, a businessman in the tyre industry, is reportedly one among individuals who were targeted by Islamic radicals. After then, details regarding a 35-year-old Jain migrating and leaving Udaipur have surfaced.

This material has been released at a time when tensions in Udaipur are high following Kanhaiyalal’s throat-slitting. For a month, Section 144 is in effect. Let us know that Riyaz, the Muslim who killed Kanhaiyalal, also inspired some other Muslims to kill some other people in the video. One from Sector-11 was also mentioned. Nitin Jain is said to be the individual who was mentioned. According to Nitin’s father, the police filed a FIR against Nitin as a result of a post he published on June 7 endorsing Nupur Sharma. In this situation, Nitin was also detained.

Three people reportedly arrived at Nitin’s tyre shop on June 9, 2022, according to the report. He inquired about Nitin to the servant because Nitin was not present. The three left once they were informed that he had not arrived. Following this, on June 16, 4 persons once more arrived at Nitin’s store in Govardhan Vilas. They came back since the servant informed them that Nitin was not there even on that day. Later it was discovered that Nitin was only being searched because of his posting endorsing Nupur Sharma. After that, Nitin stopped visiting the store.

Since Kanhaiyalal’s murder, Nitin’s family has been experiencing panic. According to Nitin’s father, he decided not to look into the situation further. At the time, I didn’t report anything to the police. Manoj Kumar, the police superintendent, has now been notified. According to what is known, the SP provided the local SHO with the relevant instructions based on this information. According to Nitin’s father, none of the seven persons that came to question his son are the people who killed Kanhaiyalal.

Although Kanhaiya had also filed a police report, the Rajasthan police did not take the matter seriously. The Dhanmandi police station in Udaipur has detained another person for posting in support of Nupur Sharma in addition to those already mentioned. Media reports claim that the fundamentalists are also threatening him.