Toothache: Toothache is unbearable, try these 4 home remedies immediately


Toothache Home Remedies:  Often we have seen that many people are very worried about their toothache. There can be many reasons behind this, such as cavities, calcium deficiency, teeth not being cleaned properly, wisdom teeth, bacterial infection, etc. In such a situation, due to pain, people start taking medicines by themselves, which can give relief for some time, but it can also prove to be harmful. Because more medicines also affect our kidneys. That’s why today we will tell you some home remedies by which you can get relief from a toothache, so let’s know.

Get rid of toothache with these household items

1. Clove Clove
is considered very beneficial for toothache, this remedy has been going on for centuries. Clove is also considered an Ayurvedic medicine, it is very beneficial for toothache. For toothache, take two to three cloves and crush it a little and keep it under the tooth, it will give you relief. 

2. Asafetida (Asafoetida)
Asafetida is considered the best remedy for toothache, to use it, mix two to three pinches of asafetida with two to four drops of lemon juice and then massage the teeth with that paste. You will get relief in time. 

3. Rock Salt
Rock salt is considered beneficial for many things, in such a situation it is a surefire remedy for toothache. If you want to get rid of toothache, mix rock salt in a glass of warm water and then gargle with that water, gargling at least two to three times a day will provide relief.

4. Onion
If you have a toothache, you can get relief by using onion. For this, cut the onion into slices and keep it on the painful side and chew it well, you will get relief, onion juice is very beneficial in pain.