Tomorrow is a holiday in the state



Samastipur: Protests against the Agneepath programme that began in Bihar have expanded across the country. Violent protests have broken out in a number of cities. Students have been protesting for three days now. According to reports, the adolescents also took to the street on Friday early and began a violent demonstration. Vandalism was documented in Ara, Samastipur, Buxar, and Lakhisarai during this time period. Youths have set fire to trains as part of their protests against the programme.

Simultaneously, the RJD has proposed a Bihar bandh for Saturday in protest of the Agneepath programme. Young people stormed the home of BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal in Bettiah. Stones were reportedly hurled at the house, according to reports. In the attack, a police officer was also hurt. Youths attacked the home of Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi in Bettiah, protesting the Agneepath programme. His home in Bettiah had been attacked, according to his son. The structure of the house has been severely harmed. Currently, Renu Devi is in Patna.

The youth of Buxar protested the proposal by sitting on the train track. The tyres were also allegedly burned as a result of this. Youths stopped the vikramshila express in Lakhisarai and trashed the train at the same time. At Bihiya railway station in Ara district, vandalism and arson were also recorded.