Today is PM Modi’s birthday: Wishes flood in; notes from Rahul Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor


Birthday of PM Modi: A number of celebrations are planned nationwide to honour the 72nd birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Since the morning, greetings from all political leaders have come in. Alongside the SCO gathering, Russian President Vladimir Putin wished PM Modi a good day. I can’t do that right now because, according to Russian tradition, we never extend congrats in advance. But I want you to know that we are aware of it and we wish you the best,” stated Putin.

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, tweeted a brief message to PM Modi. He tweeted, “Wishing PM Narendra Modi a happy birthday.” Shashi Tharoor, a congressman, uploaded a photo of himself with Prime Minister Modi and sent him his best wishes for long life. In a tweet, he wished for the man to “fight to eradicate the darkness surrounding so many of our fellow people & bring them the light of progress, development & social peace instead.” Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, sent out a tweet wishing Prime Minister Modi a long and healthy life.

The NaMo App, which this year includes unique modules for birthday messages, is used by a vast number of individuals to offer PM Modi their best wishes. On the occasion of Prime Minister Modi’s birthday, users can select either Gift or Seva. Additionally, users will be able to choose certain events from PM Modi’s life from the virtual exhibition hosted by the NaMo App and utilise the app to produce a little movie that can be shared on social media.

gifts and keepsakes PM Modi got are being sold online
The 16-day online auction of renowned and noteworthy presents given to him is being organised by the ministry of culture. The fourth iteration of the online auction will start right now and end on October 2. “This year, there are about 1,200 souvenirs and gift items up for e-auction. The National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi is where the souvenirs are on exhibit. The internet also hosts these items, according to Union minister Kishan Reddy.

56-inch thali from a restaurant in Delhi
On the occasion of Prime Minister Modi’s birthday, a 56-inch thali will be available for 10 days starting today at the Ardor 2.1 restaurant in Lutyens’ Delhi. “Narendra Modi is a prime minister that we adore. Our restaurant’s thalis are well-known. The 56-inch thali is made up of 56 dishes that have been combined into a single dish. It is to honour his contributions to the nation and its residents, as well as to celebrate his birthday, according to the business’s owner, Suveett Kalra.

Two lucky winners will be selected from those who will consume the thali between September 17 and September 26. They will be given the opportunity to take a free journey to Kedarnath.

The thali will include 20 distinct sabzi varieties, a selection of breads, dal, gulab jamun, and kulfi. The price of the lunch vegetarian thali is $2,600 plus taxes, while the cost of the non-vegetarian thali is $2,900 plus taxes. Dinner thalis cost an additional 300 rupees each. Any one of the two participants will receive 8.5 lakh rupees if they complete the thali in 40 minutes.