Tips to Sharpen Your Child’s Mind: Play, Communicate, and Read


The first five years of a child’s existence are critical for both physical and mental development because their minds adjust to relationships faster than at any other period in their lives.

Children’s foundations for learning, well-being, and behaviour are laid during their early years (0 to 5 years). It aids in the development of their social, emotional, behavioural, and cognitive abilities.

Because the brain develops at a high rate during the first years of life, a child’s personality reflects how their brain has been moulded. Experts advise parents to provide a healthy atmosphere for their children in order for them to realise their genetic potential. They also advise parents to spend quality time with their children and engage them in hobbies such as reading, playing, dancing, painting, and so on.

Reading to them and making them listen to music can help them develop early learning abilities, and playing with them will make them happy.

It will brighten their mood if you make them dance to their favourite songs. In the same way, providing physical comfort to your children is essential for them to feel stress-free.

Dr Puja Kapoor, Paediatric Neurologist and Co-Founder of Continua Kids, advised some strategies to encourage a child’s development in an interview with HT Lifestyle. According to the health expert, it is critical to keep children away from mobile phones until they are between the ages of two and three years old, as early exposure to screens can cause speech delays in children under the age of two. It will also have an adverse effect on their ability to learn as well as their temper outbursts.

Send your children out to play so they can learn about the world and converse with one another. These items will aid in the stimulation of their senses.