Three things prevent you from improving your relationship


Relationships require ongoing work and are exceedingly vulnerable. When you join a relationship, you usually hope it will make your life better. Our relationships typically include daily responsibilities, unspoken and vocal resentments, demanding schedules, various requirements for alone time or social interaction, enlarging distance, and crushing disappointment. It’s important to recognise some things if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship since despite your best efforts, there are many things that impede you from progressing in a relationship.

“It’s time to be really honest with yourself about any potential commonalities in relationships, whether platonic or sexual, if you frequently find yourself having difficulty. These kinds of discussions are challenging because they demand openness and tolerance, but they are vital because they promote growth. Talking about issues makes addressing them less painful as time goes on “According to a recent Instagram post by psychotherapist and relationship expert Sadaf Siddiqi. She also listed three factors that frequently prevent you from developing in a relationship:

1) Not understanding your attachment wounds

• You might not have established a sense of security if your primary caregivers frequently shown emotional neglect or invalidation.

• Processing your triggers and reflecting can help you become more relationally aware (your understanding of how you connect with others).

2) Poor sensitivity to your partner

• Being present, interested, and cognizant of your partner’s needs is referred to as emotional attunement.

• To do this, you must actively listen, inquire, pay attention to nonverbal signs, and, if you are able, offer assistance.

3) Absence of accountability

• Mistakes will be made in close relationships. You might not always be able to put up with or deal with your partner.

• Even though this is common, you must take responsibility for your part in the problems. Admit your mistake and get it fixed.