Those who paid respect to Sidhu Musewala did it in this way



On the late Punjabi musician Sidhu Musewala’s 29th birthday in New York, his followers gathered in Times Square to pay tribute to him by playing his songs and videos on the large screens there. The assassination of Punjabi musician Siddhu Moosewala has shocked his admirers all across the world. On Saturday, Sidhu Musewala’s 29th birthday in the United States, his followers gathered in Time Square to pay him an emotional tribute.

Let us notify you that videos and songs by the late Punjabi artist were played on social media outside the Nasdaq Marketsite office in Times Square in New York City, with thousands of his followers singing and dancing to the music. With the hashtag ‘Justice for Siddhu Moos Wala,’ many Nasdaq videos have been published on social media.

Let us remind you that Punjabi artist and Congress politician Sidhu Musewala was assassinated on May 29. Many revelations have continued to emerge since his death. It has recently been revealed that he was attacked six times before this, with Musewala narrowly escaping each time.