This well-known Bollywood couple is divorcing, and Instagram has erased their together images



Today, divorce after marriage is a very normal occurrence. Big stars frequently exhibit this. A famous couple recently made the decision to split up. Yes, love, marriage, and divorce are not major deals in the entertainment world, but reports of some famous couples divorcing keep making headlines. You may recall that Sohail Khan and his wife Seema Sachdeva requested a divorce from the court in May.

Another famous couple’s name has now been added to this list. Raftaar Singh, a rapper, and his wife Komal are this celebrity couple. The rapper and his wife Komal have actually been living apart from one another for a long time, and they are now prepared to formally divorce. After six years of marriage, both of them have decided to separate, according to the information we have. He had initially filed for divorce in 2020, but it was postponed because of the epidemic. The divorce procedure has also moved forward once more at the same time. Yes, and Komal and Raftaar will now sign the divorce documents in October 2022. After this, both of their paths will be permanently divided, according to what is said.

Raftaar and Komal have reportedly moved on with their lives, according to a claim that leaked from a person close to the pair. He stated that because of the epidemic, their divorce was delayed, and they will now sign the divorce papers on October 6, 2022. In addition, the article claims that Raftaar and Komal’s marriage issues began when they shared a home for a short period of time. Despite this, Raftaar and Komal have wonderful relationships with their respective families. It is only known to those close to you.

Komal Vohra, on the other hand, has also verified this information. Let us inform you that Raftaar expressed his support for Komal before in an interview. He had previously stated that Komal supports both him and his career. Raftaar and Komal have, however, temporarily stopped following one another on their individual Instagram accounts.