This well-known actress will once more file for divorce after concealing her first marriage from her spouse



Rajiv Sen and Charu Asopa, the spouses of well-known Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen, are going through a challenging time in their marriage. The story of the breach between Rajiv and Charu has been making waves since a few days after the wedding. But as time has gone on, the couple’s animosity has grown to the point that a divorce is now certain.

Now that Charu Asopa has spoken out about her marriage, she claims that she has given her husband several opportunities and that she now wants a divorce that is mutually agreed upon. However, Rajiv Sen has charged Charu with keeping her prior marriage a secret from him. In an interview, Charu Asopa stated, “Everyone knows that there have been issues in our marriage for the past three years.” I’ve always been willing to give them a chance ever since we were married. I gave it to my kid after I gave it to myself first. But while offering opportunities, I’m not sure exactly when it was three years away.

Charu added that Rajiv struggles with trust. I can no longer take it. I had written him a standard notification explaining that our marriage was over and we should separate with mutual consent. Charu stated: “I don’t want my kid to grow up in such a toxic and aggressive environment, thus I want to end our relationship. Charu added that Rajiv forbids her from sharing photos of her daughter on social media. They fear Ziana will have an eye problem. Rajiv’s mother and sister are behind him in this, according to Charu. Rajiv accused Charu of keeping her prior marriage a secret from him, but Charu said that Rajiv was already aware of it. Rajiv claims that nobody was aware about Charu’s first marriage at the same time. She didn’t let anyone know she was married. They were therefore startled to learn this. Rajiv uttered, “She should have at least told me, and I would have treated her with respect, even though I believe that was her history.