This well-known actress is returning to the industry with her kid after 26 years



The actress Mandakini, who made her Bollywood debut in the well-known movie “Ram Teri Ganga Maili,” is once more making news. She’s planning to return to the industry once more. Yes, Mandakini will be in the song “Maa O Maa” shortly. His son Rabbil Thakur will also be seen with him in this song, based on the information that was received. After spending the last 26 years away, Mandakini is now prepared to rejoin the film industry. She is currently returning to the music video directed by Sajan Aggarwal, according to the information we have. Yes, and Mandakini will be seen with her son Rabbil Thakur.

Let’s now learn more about Rabbil Thakur. Mandakini wed Dr. Kagyur T., a former Buddhist monk, in 1990. was wed to Rinpoche Thakur, with whom Mandakini had a son named Rabbil Thakur and a daughter named Rabja Inaya. Yes, and Dr. Thakur, Mandakini’s spouse, was a child artist who performed in Murphy Radio advertisements in the 1970s and 1980s. Let us inform you that Rabbil Thakur is the actress Mandakini’s first kid. Regarding Mandakini, she converted to Buddhism after getting married to her husband. Rabbil adheres to the same religion in such a circumstance. Rabbil Thakur, on the other hand, is one of those famous children who must avoid the spotlight. Yes, and he still has a respectable Instagram following. Additionally, Rabbil and his mother Mandakini have a tight relationship and frequently exchange photos.

Despite the fact that not much is known about Rabbil, it is clear from his Instagram account that he is married. Tellingly, Rabbil Thakur uploaded a wedding video on social media in April 2021, in which he and his bride Bushra may be seen exchanging vows. Yes, and it was a very lovely video. Bushra and Rabbil together forever, he captioned the video he shared. I got married to my best pal. In addition to being pleased with his debut, Rabbil is currently looking forward to working for the first time with his mother. Mandakini desires for her son to gain future employment.