This well-known actress has stated that she will not marry, and she has also given special counsel to the paparazzi



Since her appearance in ‘Aashram 3,’ Esha Gupta has been a constant in the news. In reality, the actress is well-known for her endearing, appealing, hot, and forceful manner, which has earned her a place in the audience’s hearts. The fans’ yearning to see Esha on screen has reawakened at this time, according to alam. Yes, and he’s itching to see Esha in a good picture. In truth, the extras were absent on the movie screen for a long time, but she remained in touch with her followers via social media.

Her photographs and videos (Esha Gupta Video) have gone viral recently, and now a spotted video of hers is causing a lot of buzz, in which she advises paparazzi not to get married. Esha Gupta was recently sighted outside a clinic in Mumbai. Veeral Bhayani, a paparazzi, has posted a spotted video of herself on her Instagram page, in which she can be heard having an amusing chit conversation with paparazzi about marriage, as well as what she believes about marriage.

When the actress poses for the paparazzi in this footage, a photographer informs her that one of the photographers is getting married. Yes, and Esha smiles and adds, “Q kya kare terrible marriage?” when she hears this. “Don’t you?” the photographer questioned, after confirming her suspicions. Esha responded, “Yes, indeed. Q. I’m not going to that wedding, either.” Since the release of Esha’s video, netizens have been expressing their displeasure with it. Isha should get married, according to users.