This summer, try these three detox drinks to preserve your radiance


Summer is already here, and it will only become worse in the days ahead. Many of us lose our radiance and skin texture as a result of the searing sun on top of our heads. While it’s vital to have a healthy glow on the appearance, it’s even more crucial to have a healthy glow on the inside by detoxing properly. The term “inner glow” refers to how well your internal organs and systems are functioning.

In the summer, the most important thing is to stay hydrated. If you don’t keep your water levels up, you’ll start to see the effects on your skin and body. Watermelon, cucumber, and tomato are examples of fruits that contain more than 90% water. We have a lot of ingredients at home that I can use to make some simple drinks that will keep us healthy.

Three of the greatest summer detox drinks

1. Cucumber Mint Detoxification Ingredients: lemon, mint leaves, cucumber, water, and black salt

Cut the cucumber finely and place a few drops of lemon into a chilled glass of water. Place some mint leaves on top and season with black salt. Mint leaves are beneficial to digestion and the stomach, as well as providing a cooling impact on the body. Cucumber has a water content of 96 percent.

2. Detoxification with coconut water and lemon Ingredients: coconut water, lemon, honey, and mint leaves

Pour the coconut water into a glass and stir in the chopped mint leaves and 1 tbsp honey. Mint leaves, freshly cut Drink it once you’ve given it a good stir. Mint, once again, is excellent for unsettled stomachs and provides a welcome cooling effect in the summer. Honey is an excellent antioxidant, while coconut is an excellent source of moisture.

Raw mangoes, sugar, black salt, a few mint leaves, and water are the main ingredients in Aam Panna.

Boil all of the mangoes and then cool them down. In a juicer grinder, extract the mango pulp. 1 cup water, a pinch of sugar, and a pinch of black salt Blend everything together thoroughly. Garnish the drink with mint leaves and serve. This drink has various advantages, the most important of which are that it improves the immune system, works as an antioxidant, and hydrates the body nicely. It also helps with stomach issues.