This service for the underprivileged workers was shown by the police’s human face



Jobat: – In Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh, the human face of the police was observed in the Jobat tehsil. In truth, it was Jobat’s SDOP Neeraj Namdev’s gaze on the damaged shirt worn by Rinku Gadaria, who had come to the house for repair work, that changed the SDOP’s thoughts. Rinku was given paint and two clothes right away, but both youths were also given breakfast. Rinku was also promised by the SDOP that if any job was required of him, he should come to them directly.

According to reports in the media, this police officer’s action has been lauded by the general public. It is worth noting that since Neeraj Namdev assumed command of SDOP Jobat, his human face has been seen numerous times as he travels from village to village informing the people.

Now there are allegations that the villagers sit down to supper with Zano, and that since their arrival, the police station in-charges have been given regular direction, and that the thefts and blind murder have been uncovered. The audience is quite impressed with this young officer’s manner of operation.