This actress quit the industry at the height of her career, and now she is the mistress of crores


In the 1990s, there were a slew of performers and actresses whose work was universally praised. Yes, there have been stars who rose to prominence in the first few years of the 1990s but then faded away. Ayesha Julka is one of the people on this list. You should know that Ayesha was in every big picture in the early 1990s, and her acting won everyone’s heart. The actress has worked with a slew of great names, and her chemistry with Akshay Kumar was particularly strong.

Ayesha, by the way, made her debut alongside Salman Khan and has since shared the screen with Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar, winning the hearts of the entire globe. Ayesha made her d├ębut in 1991 with the film Kurbaan, starring Salman Khan, and quickly rose to fame. Ayesha, who won, shot to fame after appearing in the same Sikander film. It starred him opposite Aamir Khan, and it was the film that drew the greatest attention from the youth. However, it was Ayesha’s role in Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi that garnered her the most attention, and she went on to become a superhit as a result of the film. However, few people are aware that Ayesha left Bollywood when she was at the pinnacle of her career.

Yes, and he is no longer employed in the industry. Ayesha possesses assets worth crores of rupees despite living a life of oblivion. She has indeed become the mistress of a number of bungalows. She also owns and operates a construction company. In fact, in the year 2003, Ayesha married businessman Sameer Vashi and retired from acting. After his marriage, he went into business for himself. She now runs a construction company with her spouse and deals with millions of dollars. She is now out of Bollywood and living a happy life.