These yoga poses will support you


Inadequate stretching, bad posture, and a lack of exercise are some frequent habits that can eventually lead to severe back and neck issues. Therefore, experts constantly advise sitting straight and performing a few easy exercises to prevent such issues. However, did you know that there are specific yoga asanas that not only guarantee the prevention of back pain but also “relieve tension from back muscles, enhance balance and preserve alignment which, in turn, helps to strengthen the back muscles”?

Anshuka Parwani, a yoga instructor, stated just that in one of her most recent Instagram posts about doing yoga to improve your back. She added that yoga had her readers’ backs and that “this one’s for you if you’re dealing with back difficulties.”

A strong back will “assist in keeping an upright posture, proper body mobility, and help prevent back troubles,” the celebrity fitness coach continued, adding that “incorrect posture, slumped shoulders, lack of activity, ageing, etc. are some of the most prevalent causes for back pain.”

She then performed a couple asanas for your viewing pleasure.

Cat-cow stance

How do you do it?

*Kneel down and gradually lower your hands to the ground until you resemble a cat crawling on all fours.

Knees should be hip-width apart from shins. Soften your downward glance and place your head in a neutral stance.

*Inhale as you lower your belly toward the mat in the “Cow Pose.”

Lifting your chin and chest while enlarging your shoulder blades, look up at the ceiling.

* Next, assume the “Cat Pose,” which requires you to exhale while drawing your belly to your spine and arching your back upward.

*Bend your head downwards, but avoid bringing your chin to your chest.

*Inhale as you revert to Cow Pose; then, exhale as you do the same in Cat Pose.

Cross Pose

How do you do it?

*Lie on your back with your legs and feet parallel and your knees bent.

* To lift your hips and lower back, firmly press down with both of your feet.

*On the ground, clasp your hands behind your back.

*To complete, let out a breath, let go of your hands, and lower to the ground.

Cameleon Pose

How do you do it?

*Kneel down with your feet facing the ceiling and your soles facing up.

*Always keep your knees and shoulders in alignment.

*To straighten your arms without straining your neck, arch your back as you inhale and slip your palms over your feet.

* Maintain the posture. Exhale, then slowly return to the starting position.

Snake Pose

How do you do it?

*Lie down on the mat with your face toward it.

* Lay your palms flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart.

* To elevate your chest off the ground, flex your elbows and take a deep breath.

*Maintain the posture.

* Release back to the floor by exhaling

Lord of the Fishes Half Pose

How do you do it?

Stretch your legs out in front of you as you sit on a mat.

*While keeping your left leg straight, bend your right knee.

* Draw your left arm up straight as you inhale.

Your left elbow should be placed on the outside of your right knee as you rotate your torso to the right.

*As you prepare to rotate to the other side, release the legs and change their position.

She continued, “Practice these daily and feel your back game getting stronger every day.