These two yogasanas will aid with thyroid health



Thyroid disease affects one in every three Indians, according to a poll. Yes, and it’s linked to erratic eating habits, stress, and sadness. Let everyone aware that thyroid disorders cause issues like weight gain, hormone imbalance, and heart disease. Women are more likely than men to have this condition. Yes, there are two forms of thyroid disorders: hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism is caused by a lack of thyroid hormones in the body, whereas hyperthyroidism is caused by an excess of thyroid hormone. However, after avoiding or consuming it, you can engage in some yoga, which will be useful to you. Today, we’ll discuss the yogasanas linked to a healthy thyroid, which should be practised for at least 30 to 40 minutes three times a week to have the best benefits.

Siddha Walk or Infinity Walk – Siddha Walk is a great way to begin yogasana. It’s also called an infinity stroll, a yoga walk, or a mind walk. Yes, and this is the ancient practise of yoga, which has several mental, physical, and spiritual advantages. In this yoga, you must walk in an 8-step rhythm. Infinity has a list; in the first round, walk from south to north, then switch directions in the second round (do it for 21 minutes in both directions).

Siddha Walk Benefits – It actually acts as a stress reliever. Apart from that, it enhances immunity and improves body posture. It is also useful to calm the brain, as well as the chest and lungs, at the same time.

Sit on your knees on a yoga mat with your hands on your hips to begin the asana. However, make sure your knees and shoulders are in a straight line, and your feet’ soles are facing the ceiling. Inhale deeply and apply pressure to the lower spine to drive it forward. At this point, feel the whole pressure on the navel. In fact, while doing so, bend your waist backwards and establish a tight grasp with your palms on your legs. Now let your neck hang free. Avoid putting too much tension on your neck. Maintain this asana for 30 to 60 seconds, then slowly release the asana and return to the previous condition while exhaling.

G. Advantages This asana actually stimulates the thyroid gland and aids in the generation of hormones. Aside from that, performing this asana helps to remove excess fat in the lower chest and stomach. At the same time, it strengthens the waist and shoulders, as well as reducing lower back pain. Its practise also improves the spine’s flexibility. Along with that, it aids in the improvement of body posture.