These three changes are obvious in new Corona patients, and they are radically different from what they were before



Corona patients are on the rise once more across the country. In the previous 24 hours, there have been 5223 new corona infections recorded across the country. Experts believe that the pace of corona could increase once more. The most notable difference this time is that new corona patients are experiencing some new symptoms in comparison to previous patients. Not only that, but there has been a shift in the rehabilitation process from Corona. In reality, health experts say the coronavirus isn’t going away, and there’s a chance it will, despite the fact that it’s altering its symptoms, look, and ways over time. Coronavirus is a sickness that has impacted nearly all of the body’s organs after being infected. Corona has also been found to harm the bones in the post-COVID effect.

Corona patients are still coming forward, according to doctors, but certain symptoms have been observed in them. Three key changes have been seen after closely monitoring new Corona patients, the first of which is connected to the incubation period of Corona, i.e. the period of infection. The second change is the complete recovery of the patient who has been infected with the coronavirus, and the third change is the pain in the throat and the pain of this pain in the body, which is noticed in some but not all patients. Because there are no symptoms in patients with asymptomatic symptoms, any change is less obvious or not visible at all.

According to doctors, the first difference in new patients might be noted in terms of the incubation period. The incubation period, or the number of days after corona infection or exposure to the virus, until the other person becomes infected. Previously, it was seen that if a person came into touch with the virus, he would develop corona symptoms after 5-7 days, but the duration has now risen slightly, and corona is now being verified in new persons after 8-10 days of exposure. During the last coronavirus, patients recovered in 14 days on average, and in many cases, critical patients recovered in 14-21 days.

However, now that the corona infection is mild or asymptomatic, individuals are experiencing weakness, discomfort, and other symptoms for roughly a month. As a result, it is expected that after contracting Corona, patients will have less problems, although symptoms such as weariness and soreness would last for roughly a month. In addition, new Corona patients are expressing their discomfort with throat pain.