These hair care routines might be making your acne worse


A consistent hair care regiment helps to maintain healthy, lustrous, and strong hair. In order to strengthen and thicken hair, one of the most popular hair care rituals is to oil one’s hair and leave it in overnight.

But did you know that some haircare practises, particularly if you have oily skin, can actually make your acne worse?

Dermatologist Dr. Gurveen Waraich shared some of these practises that can exacerbate acne on Instagram.

1. Nighttime oiling

“Leaving oil on your scalp overnight is like sending your acne-prone skin an invitation to break out.” In addition to making your face oily, having an oily scalp for an extended period of time will exacerbate dandruff, which is another cause of acne on the face. She continued by saying that as the pillow frequently absorbs the same oil, it serves as a haven for bacteria. Acne outbreaks may result from this as well. As a result, oiling your hair or scalp overnight is not very beneficial. So just let it sit for a few of hours before shampooing; that should be enough, she advised.

2. Making use of hair gels and sprays

Many of us enjoy experimenting with brand-new hair products, like gels and sprays. However, she cautioned that styling products may contain pomades (waxes or oils), which can clog pores and result in whiteheads and blackheads on the forehead and temples. Therefore, she said, “Use styling products sparingly, wash your hair frequently, avoid applying the product to the scalp, and take a shower right away after working out to avoid pomade acne.

3. Front bangs and fringe styles

More and more young people are choosing bangs because they are trendy. But be aware that they can result in “bang breakouts,” which are essentially forehead pimples brought on by “front bangs.” First, oil and hair products that build up on the hair itself can rub against the skin and clog pores. This is the very simple explanation for why this happens. Second, hair on the forehead may collect sweat, debris, and oil from the skin, leading to breakouts. Keep your fringe tucked away in a hairband whenever you can, she advised, even if you are not quite ready to give up the way it looks. This will allow the skin to breathe.