The Voot Select series is bland and tedious, according to The Gone Game 2 review


When the only other alternative was to repeatedly watch older shows, The Gone Game’s debut season of four sharp episodes seemed like a breath of fresh air (The show released during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic). With its inventive writing, great performances, and astute directing, the shot-at-home series won me over. Even while I adored season one, The Gone Game’s disjointed, pointless, and dull second season cancelled off a lot of that praise.

The cast of The Gone Game Season 2 leaves the comfort of their homes. The second season is aimless and chaotic, in contrast to the first, which had a sense of direction and a vision. There is no coherent plot structure, and the last episode, which reveals the whole secret, establishes that there never was one. Amara Gujral (Shweta Tripathi Sharma) is being threatened by Advocate Chaudhary (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) in one scene to tell her father Rajiv Gujral (Sanjay Kapoor) to return his money. In another, he is assisting Rajiv in avoiding allegations of murder. I wish they could, at the very least, choose the allegiances of their characters.

The first season of The Gone Game, which debuted in 2020, followed the disappearance of Sahil Gujral (Arjun Mathur), a critically ill Covid-19 patient. He is later found to be deceased. Such uncertainties surrounding his death, whether he died of Covid or someone kidnapped or murdered him, made for an engrossing watch. The conclusion alluded to a greater motive driving the uproar surrounding Sahil’s passing.

Everyone who saw The Gone Game 2 wanted to know where Gujral was, why he faked his death, what his plan was, why he plotted against his wife, and where he was going to next. It’s unfortunate that the authors didn’t consider them to be important queries deserving of responses.

Harriette Sethi Sharmila, a CBI agent, is Harleen Sethi.
The five-episode series’ actors do their best to improve the lacklustre treatment with their performances. As Sanjay Kapoor, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, and Shriya Pilgaonkar continue to demonstrate the mastery of their craft, Harleen Sethi, who plays CBI officer Sharmila Gupta, establishes herself as a versatile performer following her role in Broken But Beautiful by AltBalaji.